Challenge / Need

Pharmaceutical and biopharma companies often encounter significant data management and analysis challenges during system suitability tests using Chromeleon (ThermoFisher). The specific issues include:

  • Data Fragmentation: Analytical data from Chromeleon systems and other sources are stored separately, making it difficult to perform comprehensive analyses.

  • Manual Processes: Exporting, comparing, and merging data from Chromeleon and non-Chromeleon systems is labour-intensive and time-consuming.

  • Limited Analytical Capabilities: Inconsistent data storage practices hinder the ability to conduct historical and cross-project analyses, affecting decision-making and regulatory compliance.

Netica’s NetILab provides a powerful solution to these challenges by integrating and streamlining data management processes for Chromeleon system suitability tests:
  • Chromeleon Connector: Automatically exports data from Chromeleon and saves it in a centralised data warehouse for streamlined analysis.

  • Versatile Connectors: NetILab supports data integration from various other sources (e.g., flat files, CSV, TXT, Excel, JSON), allowing seamless merging with Chromeleon data.

Key Features:

  • NetFlow for Data Extraction and Transformation: Facilitates efficient data extraction and transformation, ensuring all relevant data, including Chromeleon data, is accurately captured and prepared for analysis.

  • Unified Data Model: Provides a comprehensive data model that simplifies comparing and analysing lab data from different sources.

  • Historical Data Access: Enables easy extraction and analysis of historical data, supporting long-term studies and trend analysis.

  • Foundation for Advanced Analytics: Prepares data for advanced analysis, including AI and machine learning applications.


By implementing NetILab, pharmaceutical and biopharma companies can achieve:

  • Reduced Time Spent on Data Integration: Automating data export and integration processes from Chromeleon and other sources significantly reduces manual effort and time.

  • Enhanced Data Comparison: The unified data model allows for easy comparison of lab data from Chromeleon and other systems, facilitating better insights and decision-making.

  • Increased Productivity: Streamlining data management processes leads to higher productivity and more efficient use of resources.

  • Comprehensive Historical Analysis: Access to historical data from Chromeleon enables more robust and informed analysis, supporting better outcomes.

  • Advanced Analytical Capabilities: Establishes a strong foundation for incorporating AI and machine learning into data analysis, driving innovation and efficiency.

Are you facing any similar challenges that you find difficult to overcome?

NetILab’s comprehensive data management platform, with its specialised Chromeleon connector, offers a cutting-edge solution for pharmaceutical and biopharma companies. From unifying disparate data sources to enabling advanced analytics, NetILab streamlines and enhances data management processes. Contact us today to learn how NetILab can empower your data-driven journey.