Your Comprehensive Solution for Data Flow, Search, Management, and Analytics

NetILab is a complete ecosystem designed to empower your organization in data flow, search, management, analytics, exploration, and profiling. With its innovative functionalities and adaptable design, NetILab is a versatile solution for various industries and organizations looking to harness the power of data.

Embrace the future of data with NetILab, where innovation, efficiency, and growth converge.

NetILab, available as a SaaS and on-premise platform, consists of three powerful modules designed to revolutionize your data handling.

Here’s an in-depth look at each module and the functionalities they offer:

General Functionalities for NetILab
  • Cross-Module Collaboration: Seamlessly move and share data between modules.
  • Comprehensive Documentation and Support: Maximize platform capabilities with extensive support.
  • Compliance Management: Adhere to industry regulations with compliance tools.
  • Scalability and Performance Optimization: Scale and perform according to your needs.


Data Flow and Data Pipeline Solution
  • No-Code/Low-Code Process Design: Simplify data flow creation with intuitive design tools.​
  • Integration of Python Scripts and ML Models: Enhance data with custom scripts and models.​
  • Data Flow Management: Automate and manage data flow efficiently.​
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics: Gain insights into performance and potential issues.​
  • Enhanced Security Protocols: Ensure data integrity and confidentiality.​
  • Pre-Built Templates and Connectors: Accelerate development with ready-to-use components.​
  • Error Handling and Recovery: Minimize downtime with robust error mechanisms.​
  • Version Control: Track and manage changes in data flow designs.​


Search Engine Solution
  • Based on Elastic Search Engine: Benefit from quick and efficient search capabilities.​
  • Search Among Structured and Unstructured Data: Search through various data types.​
  • Contextual Views and Quick Visualization: Understand data with visual representations.​
  • Advanced Filtering and Sorting Options: Refine search results with sophisticated tools.​
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Integration: Enable intuitive search queries.​
  • Personalized Search Experience: Tailor search results to individual users.​
  • Analytics and Reporting: Analyze search patterns and trends for optimization.​


Data Management Module
  • Quick Data Manipulation and Exploration: Rapidly handle and explore data sets.​
  • Data Modelling and Querying Capabilities: Create models and execute queries for analysis.​
  • Automated Data Cleaning and Transformation: Ensure data consistency with automation.​
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Manage user permissions effectively.​
  • Integration with Machine Learning Platforms: Facilitate ML model handling within the module.​
  • Collaborative Work Environment: Enable team collaboration with shared workspaces.​
  • Analytical Sandbox: Provide a secure environment for data scientists to experiment, test hypotheses, and develop new insights without affecting production data.​
  • Data Exploration and Profiling: Enable in-depth examination and understanding of data characteristics, quality, and structure, supporting better decision-making and analysis.​


Laboratory Resource Planning Software

We designed NetPlan to streamline and optimize laboratory operations by comprehensively managing procedures, equipment, samples or materials, and personnel.

  • Procedure Management: Allows for the scheduling, tracking, and optimizing of laboratory procedures, ensuring efficient workflow.​
  • Equipment Management: Manages the availability, maintenance, and calibration of laboratory equipment, minimizing downtime.​
  • Sample or Material Management: Tracks and manages samples or materials, including storage, handling, and processing.​
  • People Management: Schedules and monitors laboratory personnel, aligning skills and availability with laboratory needs.​
  • Compliance and Safety Protocols: Ensures adherence to industry regulations and safety standards.​
  • Integration with Other NetILab Modules: Seamlessly integrates with other NetILab modules for a cohesive laboratory data management experience.​
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: Provides real-time insights into laboratory operations, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.​


Master Data Management for Customer Data

NetMDM focuses on centralized customer data management, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and availability across the organization.

  • Unified Customer View: A single, accurate view of customer data with consolidated information from various sources.​
  • Data Quality Management: Implements validation, cleansing, and enrichment processes to maintain data accuracy and integrity.​
  • Segmentation and Personalization: Enables customer segmentation and personalization for targeted marketing and sales efforts.​
  • Compliance and Security: Ensures compliance with data privacy regulations and implements robust security measures to protect customer information.​
  • Integration with Other NetILab Modules: Allows seamless integration with other NetILab modules, enhancing overall data management capabilities.​
  • Collaborative Work Environment: Facilitates department collaboration by providing access to consistent and reliable customer data.​
  • Analytics and Reporting: Detailed analytics and reporting tools to gain insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and trends.​